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Below are some of the services offered by Freedman Brown Communications

Public Relations

PR is about reputation and Freedman Brown effectively manages client reputation by building and maintaining good relationships with key stakeholders, through effective communication channels.

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Media Training

Liaising with the media can be challenging but is an essential part of coordinating a successful PR campaign. As experienced media relations officers Freedman Brown can offer clients the necessary training that will allow a business's spokesperson to conduct media interviews effectively, protecting their brand and building their profile at the same time.

Marketing Communications

Incorporating messages that allow clients to communicate directly with its market is essential. Freedman Brown can ensure that key promotional messages are delivered through the most appropriate media channels using a range of different tactics.

Crisis Communications

Freedman Brown has a proven track record in offering clients effective communication options when they are needed most. We have the skills and contacts that are essential in enabling us to protect and defend our clients when facing a public challenge to their reputation.

Media Management

Our team works closely with the media on a local and national level every day and we are regularly contacted with media requests. Due to our long standing relationships with journalists we possess the tools and experience needed to enable us to effectively manage any requests on behalf of our clients.

Business to Business

The Freedman Brown team has worked with a varied mix of clients and can create strategic communications campaigns to enable companies to communicate effectively with other businesses.

Community PR

FBC believe community PR is an essential component in most campaigns and helps cement a business into its local community in a successful and honest way. We have experience in researching the grass roots of hundreds of communities and providing our clients with bespoke local opportunities to effectively reach their core audience.

Sports Promotions

FBC has worked with, and has access to, a number of Sports personalities and has coordinated large scale events and promotional activity both nationally and internationally.

Event Management

FBC is skilled in project management and event creation and has developed hundreds of events for a variety of clients with varying briefs. From the initial idea and targeting the right audience, to planning, logistics and management, the FBC team is experienced in delivering smooth successful events.


Sponsorship is a brilliant tactic for involving clients in the community, with other key stakeholders or new markets. Our team can research and deliver details for the most lucrative and beneficial sponsorships that suit specific objectives and amplify client sponsorship through a number of marketing channels.

Corporate Communications

Freedman Brown work hard to create, plan and manage PR campaigns and communications across all of an organisations' stakeholders. Our team have the skills needed to ensure we develop strong and favourable corporate profiles for all our clients.

Internal Initiatives

The team at Freedman Brown has worked with an array of international clients launching a series of initiatives across a wide media platform.

Strategic Planning

We have extensive experience in providing our clients with bespoke, strategic campaigns which aim to communicate fundamental messages through the appropriate media channels replique montre rolex , enabling us to directly target key audiences.

Internal Communications

FBC can advise and implement internal communication strategies to ensure a business is engaging effectively with its key internal stakeholders. Strong internal communication is paramount to ensure wider key messages are successfully extended to external parties.

Promotional Staff

We have access to a large, trusted team of promotional staff and can provide support across all locations; whatever the event or activity.

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